1 year Individual Membership

1 year Individual Membership
1 year Individual Membership 1 year Individual Membership 1 year Individual Membership 1 year Individual Membership 1 year Individual Membership 1 year Individual Membership
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What's included in an annual membership:

x1 TSA Chamber flag

x1 Member ID credentials card with clear waterproof carrier and clip

Eligible to be ranked against every other TSA member in the country

Eligible to earn a skill division

Access to TSA's private facebook group 


Your member ID card has some built in features you might enjoy: 

-The front of your card will display your color coded skill level after your first year of membership. All first year members start with a red card. 

-It will display your name and member ID number. Your member ID number isn't just a way for us to stay organzied, but represents how many members there were when you became a member. Once you're a member, your ID number will never change. ID numbers start at 00000 and go up in numerical order of memberships sold. 

For every two years of membership, a "service stripe" represented as a chevron above or below the TSA logo will be added to your ID. This shows other members how long you've been involved with the TSA.

-The back of the card will display your full name, member ID number, and expiration date. Your member ID card is to be shown during registration before each match to ensure your scores get sent to TSA headquarters for sorting.


As TSA members you are eligible to have your scores ranked against every other TSA competitor in the country and be categorized into 6 different skill levels. Unlike other shooting sports, we are not placing our shooters in a block of time that says "you must be this fast to be an "expert"). Instead, we are ranking our shooters based on what percentile they finish against other members. For example, if there are 100 members competing in a match on a given month, and you finish in 25th place, you finished in the 75th percentile of the group. Each time you finish a match you earn points depending on what percentile group you finish in. At the end of your years membership, those points are added up and averaged by the number of matches you competed in. This will determine your skill level. This system ensures that the bar to achieve a certain skill level will be ever changing as membership of this sport grows.

Here is a breakdown of the percentile groups and points system:

0-24th percentile - 1 point

25th-49th percentile- 2 points

50th-74th percentile- 3 points

75th-84th percentile- 4 points

85th-94th percentile- 5 points

95th-100th percentile- 6 points

Here is the breakdown of points averages and their skill level:
5.5-6- Black

Your next membership year, your member badge will reflect your skill level as a color scheme. This will aid in members' ability to identify other members at the range of their same skill level, or levels above theirs so that they may observe those shooters or talk with them, and have the opportunity to learn something new as result. In other words, it aids as a conversation starter. All first year members will start with a red badge. After you complete at least 3 matches in your years membership, you will be eligible for a new skill level and color based on your points average. 



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