About Us

The tactical shooters alliance is a veteran owned and operated organization that presents monthly tactical shooting matches to its affiliate gun clubs. Each month, the TSA sends out four courses of fire that it has designed. In those four courses there will be one 100 yard course, two close range courses, and one course designated as a technical skills course. The affiliate gun clubs who host TSA matches all set up their courses the same. After a match is completed, the results of the TSA members are sent to TSA headquarters, where they are posted and ranked on the TSA website. This gives TSA members the ability to compare themselves to not only their club shooters, but all of the shooters who competed in a TSA match that month. This gives members the ability to get the most realistic feedback for the areas they need to improve, and the areas they are excelling.

Members also have access to the TSA closed Facebook page. There, topics on gear, firearms, tactics, and technique can be shared and discussed along with the most recent matches. It is the TSA's goal to tap into and unite the tactical shooting community through friendly competition. It is our dream that this "Alliance" of tactical shooters comes together with its wealth of collective knowledge, and benefits each member regardless of their background or skill level. From combat veterans, to enthusiast civilians, there is always something we can learn from each other.